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Insecurity, going from terms to formulas

January 18 (2023) @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Abstract: Reasoning about cryptographic protocols starts with a term algebra of communicated terms over which an appropriate logic is built, with variables designating terms. In logics of announcements, formulas are communicated, blurring the distinction between terms and formulas. Constructs such as zero knowledge proofs and certificates are akin to formulas, motivating a similar extension to reasoning about security protocols as well. However, the interaction between equality and the existential quantifier leads to interesting twists: witnesses for existential quantifiers may be unbounded, and obtaining small witness terms while maintaining equality proofs complicates the analysis considerably. In this talk we attempt to highlight the challenges in reasoning about insecurity when formulas are communicated.
This work is joint with Vaishnavi Sundararajan and S P Suresh.

This is a joint seminar with FM-SEC.

Attendance via Zoom (ID: 99057904661, Passcode: 311610)

Livestream via Youtube


January 18 (2023)
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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Jam Ramanujam (IMSc Chennai)

Ramanujam's research interests are in mathematical logic and theory of computation, and their applications to theory of distributed systems, game theory and security theory. He is currently on the editorial board of ACM Transactions on Computational Logic. He is also the chief editor of the ACM India Minigraphs series. He has been on the Executive Council of the Association for Symbolic Logic (ASL) and the Association for Logic in India (ALI). Ramanujam has been actively involved in science communication and mathematics education for school children for three decades. He was awarded the 2020 Indira Gandhi prize for Science Popularization by the Indian National Science Academy.

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