Florian Kerschbaum (University of Waterloo)

Security and Privacy in Data Science

Data science is the process from collection of data to the use of new insights gained from this data. It is at the core of the big data and machine learning revolution fueling the digitization of our economy. The integration of data science and machine learning into digital and cyber-physical processes and the often sensitive nature of personally identifiable data used in the process, expose the data science process to security and privacy threats. In this talk I will review three exemplary security and privacy problems in different phases of the data science lifecycle and show potential countermeasures. First, I will show how to enhance the privacy of data collection using secure multi-party computation and differential privacy. Second, I will show how to protect data outsourced to a cloud database system and still perform efficient queries using keyword PIR and homomorphic encryption. Last, I will show that differential privacy does…

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Qiang Tang (University of Sydney)

Dumbo Protocol Family: Making Asynchronous Consensus Real

Asynchronous consensus has been considered the most robust, yet the most system-friendly consensus in the open network. Unfortunately, previous protocols suffer from low efficiency thus essentially none has been widely deployed. In this talk, we will introduce our recent progress on how to make asynchronous permissioned consensus really fast, and finally, real. Zoom Meeting link: https://newcastleuniversity.zoom.us/j/85856569596?pwd=NFVlM0RmQitTWHNJK1FVS2x3bzhJQT09 Meeting ID: 858 5656 9596 Passcode: 318620 Youtube Live Streaming: https://youtu.be/Xr1UdnUYV3s

Musard Balliu (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)

[Joint FM-SEC talk] Securing Cloud-based IoT Apps

Joint talk with the FM-SEC network. Innovative IoT apps break conventional paradigms to connect otherwise unconnected services and devices ranging from pacemakers, baby monitors, surveillance cameras to cars and smart cities. Unfortunately, the power of IoT apps can be abused by attackers, unnoticeably to users. In this talk, we will discuss how popular IoT app platforms are susceptible to attacks that violate user privacy resulting in massive exfiltration of sensitive information as well as suggest short- and long-term countermeasures based on language-based sandboxing and information flow control.   Zoom meeting link: https://newcastleuniversity.zoom.us/j/81043449840?pwd=dXZqd0tpVDYzWkQvMDcyZFRpUnNkQT09 Meeting ID: 810 4344 9840 Passcode: 416257 Youtube live streaming: https://youtu.be/_6AYsu3S1d4