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Confidential Computing (CC) using hardware-based Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) has emerged as a promising solution for protecting sensitive data in all forms. One of the fundamental characteristics of such TEEs is remote attestation which provides mechanisms for securely measuring and reporting the state of the remote platform and computing environment to a user. We present a novel approach combining TEE-agnostic attestation architecture and formal analysis enabling comprehensive and rigorous security analysis of attestation mechanisms in CC. We demonstrate the application of our approach for three prominent industrial representatives, namely Arm Confidential Compute Architecture (CCA) in architecture lead solutions, Intel Trust Domain Extensions (TDX) in vendor solutions, and Secure CONtainer Environment (SCONE) in frameworks. For each of these solutions, we provide a comprehensive specification of all phases of the attestation mechanism in confidential computing, namely provisioning, initialization, and attestation protocol. Our approach reveals design and security issues in Intel TDX and…

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