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Privacy is ultimately about people. User studies and experiments provide insights on users’ privacy needs, concerns, and expectations, which are essential to understand what a system’s actual privacy issues are from a user perspective. Drawing on the speaker’s research on privacy notices and controls in different contexts, from cookie consent notices to smart speakers, this talk discusses how and why privacy controls are often misaligned with user needs, how public policy aimed at protecting privacy often falls short, and how a human-centric approach to privacy design and engineering can yield usable and useful privacy protections that more effectively meet users’ needs and might also benefit companies. Zoom meeting link: https://newcastleuniversity.zoom.us/j/84890082823?pwd=TEJTKzEvVDJPZy9mYU1GUzNORTRKdz09 Meeting ID: 848 9008 2823 Passcode: 944316 Youtube Live Streaming: https://youtu.be/8WBlfTLoO2k Slides Youtube VoD