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The X.509 Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) is one of the most prominent and widely used authentication mechanisms, which plays a crucial role in different applications such as secure communication (e.g., SSL/TLS, IPSec), software updates, and emails. Flaws in an X.509 PKI implementation can make an application relying on X.509 PKI susceptible to impersonation attacks or interoperability issues. In this talk, I will discuss my group’s effort in developing a high-assurance and specification-compliant implementation of X.509 PKI.

First, I will discuss the Symcerts system that uses domain-specific optimizations, symbolic execution, and differential analysis to automatically identify specification non-compliance in open-source SSL/TLS libraries. Second, I will discuss Morpheus, a black-box analysis engine, that automatically checks the logical correctness of RSA signature verification implementations in open-source SSL/TLS libraries through a formally verified oracle. Third, I will discuss my group’s effort to formalize and re-engineer the specification of the X.509 certificate chain validation using an executable specification. I will conclude my talk with a sneak peek of our ongoing work on developing a formally verified implementation of the X.509 PKI.

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